Release Notes From 01/13/2019 Through 01/19/2019

Version (01/13/2019 - 01/19/2019)


  1. Added a new Notes field under the Parents for any special notes/comments for the Parent. "Tags Report per Parent" is also updated to add the "Notes" column


  1. Added a "View Log" option under the Weekly and Monthly view to show the attendance history logs similar to the Daily view
  2. Corrected a total hours count display under the Daily view if the sign in and sign out run across 12:00 am.
  3. "Actual Care Usage Not As Scheduled" report moved from the Daily view to now be under the Weekly view to allow querying for multiple days, weeks (up to 1 month) 


  1. Update to Billing → Family Ledger to add a Family Name hyperlink to replace the Action icon to open the individual Family Ledger accounts


  1. A new layout update for the entire Admin module is being worked on and will be available end of January
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