Release Notes From 12/23/2018 Through 12/29/2018

Version   (12/23/2018 - 12/29/2018)


  1. Family Log enhancement to track changes to the child's scheduled times 
  2. "Demographic" report modification to add the Family ID 


  1. Corrected a display error to the Plan "Subtotal" amount when viewing individual family's plan
  2. Corrected the "Online Payment Details per Site" report to display the correct Transaction Type


  1. "Attendance by Program" report modification to include column "AverageAttendance" to both the Summary and Details sheet, to show the actual attendance percentage
  2. "Absence Report" modification to include a Pivot table display in a new sheet to show the Final Total Count of all absence used
  3. "Weekly Attendance", "Weekly Attendance with Type", "Child Weekly Report", "Monthly Attendance", "Monthly Attendance with Type" and "Child Monthly Report" reports to display the Child's current Classroom/ Program and the Page number for each printout


  1. A new layout update for the entire Admin module
  2. Added an Appeal Officer Configuration to display to the NOA form
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