Release Notes From 12/02/2018 Through 12/08/2018

Version   (12/02/2018 - 12/08/2018)



  1. Corrected a the "Child Immunization Record" form display error when printing with multiple children together 
  2. Updated the report "Family Recert Date report" to no longer require a children selection, while allowing the report to be printed as an excel file


  1. "Attendance by Program" report enhancement to include a Details sheet with the children names from the Summary sheet
  2. Added the attendance filters to the Weekly and Monthly views, similar to the Daily view, to quickly group children based on their attendance status 
  3. CDNFS calculation details display enhancement to include the Child's DOB, and a shortcut to open the child's profile


  1. Added a system job to automatically update the child's grade every new fiscal year
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