Release Notes From 12/09/2018 Through 12/15/2018

Version   (12/09/2018 - 12/15/2018)



  1. "Demographics" report modification to include 2 columns "Child Start Date" and "Family Type" from the CDE section
  2. CDE → Parent details display to no longer list the parents per alphabetical names but to list Parent A first then Parent B
  3. CDE → Family details to add 2 additional fields "Parents in Active Duty in the US Military" and "Parents a member of a National Guard or Military Reserve Unit" for printing on to the CD9600 


  1. Corrected an issue with the reports "Care Roster" and "Care Roster Class List" not generating and categorizing children in the correct Site/Classroom when reports queried with multiple Sites
  2. "Care Roster Summary" and "Child Care Facility Roster" UI layout
  3. Attendance --> Batch CDNFS: User sites access is updated to match the current user's assigned site locations


  1. Add a "Family Portal" configuration under Admin --> OrgProfile --> Setting to allow agency turn off Family Portal invitation if it is not being utilized
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