Release Notes From 11/11/2018 Through 11/24/2018

Version   (11/11/2018 - 11/24/2018)


  1. Corrected the Parent Name display in the Physician Details report
  2. Added a new "Documents" tab in the Family Profile for sending documents from CC4 to Family Portal 


  1. Corrected the total hours display difference from the Monthly List to the Monthly calendar for an individual child


  1. Added an option in Billing Module → Invoice for searching a specific Invoice ID or Payment ID
  2. Report "Monthly Revenuer per Site" updated to not include any voided Invoices


  1. Added a new user permissions for the Attendance Module
    1. "Attendance Admin" permission is the existing permission, which is to allow the user access to all buttons/options under the Attendance Module
    2. "Attendance User" permission is the new permission, which is to allow user access to only the Weekly, Daily, Monthly and Timesheet downloading

Family Portal Component

  1. Updated the FamilyPortal logo
  2. Added a new QR Code link for downloading the FamilyPortal app, available both in Android and iOS
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