Release Notes From 09/25/2018 Through 10/13/2018

Version   (09/25/2018 - 10/13/2018)



  1. Corrected the name display format as "Last name, First name" on the "Demographic" report 
  2. An update to the FIPS code to automatically re-generate if there is a change to the Parent's A zip code
  3. Corrected the 801A Family Name display to be with the oldest sibling with care during the report month for a Foster / Guardianship family
  4. Added an option to batch Send PIN to parents/family contacts via a Text or Email to the "PIN report per Child" 
  5. Added a new feature to allow editing of the Child ID


  1. Corrected an issue with an inactive child showing together with the active sibling in the attendance edit screen
  2. Corrected a display issue with the Classroom names not listed alphabetically


  1. Added a new feature to Batch "Send Invoice" and Batch "Send Payment" under Billing Module → Invoice
  2. Added a check all report query to the "Parent Annual Payment Receipt" and "Third Party Annual Payment Receipt" reports 


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