Release Notes From 07/22/2018 Through 07/28/2018

Version   (07/22/2018 - 07/28/2018)


  1. Display update to the Days Info column under the Students search to show the schedule type with either a Set or a Variable schedule
  2. Added a copy option on the child's schedule for quickly creating a new schedule with the same schedule details
  3. Added a new feature to add multiple family contacts at once to an existing family using a template spreadsheet, similar to the feature to import children
  4. An update to the Students search function with the "Search Care" to allow the users to search for children with or without care, but under their assigned sites location only


  1. Corrected the "Monthly Attendance" report (from Attendance –> Monthly → Report) to show the child attendance information, if any, for an inactive child


  1. "Deposit Detail Report by Post date" modification to show the decimal places if any under the Applied Detail column


  1. Update to the 801A & CDNFS report month to default to the previous month to the current calendar month (the service month) instead of the current calendar month
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