Release Notes From 07/15/2018 Through 07/21/2018

Version   (07/15/2018 - 07/21/2018)


  1. Added the new 7/1/2018 family fee table 


  1. Updates to the Attendance History to show the actual relationship of the family contact and to show the staff's name with the actual login name


  1. Updated the USPS zip find function for the extended zip code look up
  2. Added a new Pickup section under the Family record to allow a family contact from one family access to pick up children for multiple families 
  3. A continuation feature with the Family Profile → Logs to show details of different user's actions under the Family Profile section
  4. CDE → Family Details: Cash Aid status field is updated to show with 3 different selections (Currently receiving Cash Aid, Never received Cash Aid, and Termed from Cash Aid) instead of only a check box option


  1. Corrected an issue to the Family's Ledger → Log's details with the exact user's name that made changes to the Family's Ledger account


  1. Corrected a display issue under the NOAReason configuration field
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