Release Notes From 07/08/2018 Through 07/14/2018

Version   (07/08/2018 - 07/14/2018)



  1. "Care Roster Class List" report modification to list the children name alphabetically per their Last name.


  1. 801A Verify exceptions update to remove the exception for the "Child Services (Start) date missing" field as it is now auto-calculated and not a user manual entry
  2. 801A Verify exceptions update to add an exception for the "Child Start Date" field.
  3. "mSign Guide" email content modification to show the Parent's name format with as "First name Last name" 
  4. First part of the different user actions under the Family record is added to the Family Profile → Logs.
  5. Added a third button to redirect the user directly to enter Billing information immediately after the enrollment wizard

Family Portal Component

  1. Redesign the “My account” layout
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