Release Notes From 06/24/2018 Through 06/30/2018


Version   (06/24/2018 - 06/30/2018)


  1. Family Profile → CDE → Print NOA: Appeal Date auto-populated based on the Issue Date 
  2. Added a secondary email address field under the Parent(s) and Family Contact(s) profile
  3. Added an option for specifying a preferred contact method for each Parent(s) and Family Contact(s)
  4. Added a parent tag option along with a "Tags Report per Parent"
  5. Report "Family Contacts per Child" added


  1. "Deposit Detail Report by Program" modification to sort the Recipient name alphabetically
  2. Subsidized Family Fee Plan → "Post Date" and "Due Date" template selection updated to allow a day type selection instead of a fixed date selection

Family Portal Component

  1. Parent invitation to Family Portal process change with the invitation code embed in the invitation link instead of a parent manual entering the invitation code
  2. "Pay" button changed into a "Confirm Payment" button for previewing the final payment amount 
  3. Details of any transaction fees is added under Settings → Payment Method
  4. Added a View Details option to the Parent accounts for viewing the Invoices and/or Payments details
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