Release Notes From 06/10/2018 Through 06/23/2018

 Version   (06/10/2018 - 06/23/2018)



  1. Updates to the Parent's invitation to FP to show all dates a FP invite was sent
  2. Modified the NOA Spanish template to include a missing eligibility selection 


  1. Corrected the incorrect PT / FT category display within the Family Fee Wizard
  2. Failed payments email notifications update to allow multiple recipients


  1. Added an option to "Batch New CDNFS", to only calculate new children added after the CDNFS batch was calculated for the service month 


  1. Corrected the display in the Demographic report splitting up the rows

Family Portal

  1. Added a notification to parents for checking pop-up blocker if printing Invoice / Payment does not print
  2. Added a description under the Parent Portal → Auto-Pay setting
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