Release Notes From 06/03/2018 Through 06/09/2018

Version   (06/03/2018 - 06/09/2018)



  1. Added a signature portion to the "Income Worksheet"
  2. Added a system job to automatically update the Child Status (under Child Profile) based on their care schedules' status
  3. Added a new feature to enroll multiple children at once with the importing using a template spreadsheet
  4. Improve the performance with the Print NOA selections: "NOA Eligibility Type" and "NOA Need TypeA"
  5. Auto-create family fee assessment types after the Family Fee plan wizard completion


  1. Partial paid invoice cannot revert, when the related payment is voided.
  2. Corrected a print error with "Payment Receipt: Ledger Balance" to not include balance from a 'failed' payment
  3. Failed payments email notifications update to allow multiple to multiple recipients
  4. Layout update to the Billing Module → Family Ledger with an option to hide/show "Days Info" for improving the page loading time


  1. Absent Type configuration separated to a different menu and no longer grouped under the Config → CDFS Config 


  1. Layout update to the Parent's confirmation message to show the "Comment" together with the "Absent Type"
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