Release Notes From 05/20/2018 Through 05/26/2018

Version   (05/20/2018 - 05/26/2018)



  1. Added feature with CC4 auto-calculating the 801A "Child Services Date" based on the child's schedules
  2. Added a display to show the Family Fee assessment PT / FT that was together in the FF Plan Wizard previously. Family Fee assessment PT / FT separation is to include its display onto the NOA. If the user edit the system's suggestion of the Family Fee assessment PT / FT, then the Family Fee plan will have to be updated accordingly


  1. Corrected a bug with the absences showing twice for certain children
  2. Expanded the characters limit for the multiple tabs name on the exported excel version for the CD9400 report
  3. Corrected a display bug with the claim & count count under the Submission Confirmation window
  4. "View Submitted Attendance" child attendances's display update to show the child absent reason for the corresponding dates


  1. Corrected a display on the "Parent Annual Payment Receipt Report" not to show a disabled account
  2. Online Payment details update to show the online transaction ID from Stripe under the "ReceiptNo" field
  3. Added a feature for the system job with the AutoPay deduction for the online Bill Pay to allow the agency to configure which date the Auto Deduction is based off (ie. # of ahead days before the due date)

Family Portal Component

  1. Added a statement details when there is no Invoices shown in the parent's Family Portal account
  2. Corrected bug where some parent's account are recognized as a provider's account
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