Release Notes From 04/15/2018 Through 04/21/2018

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  1. Family Profile → CDE → Print NOA: Appeal date change to auto-populate based on the effective date change


  1. Update the billing Plan/Invoice to allow a zero amount balance
  2. Update for any Invoice that is with a zero amount balance to set the Invoice status to "Paid" automatically upon its due date
  3. Correct a bug with the auto-deduction online payment over applied an amount to an Invoice


  1. Add the options in the report query to search for Invoice(s) with blank billing program category if any
  2. "Family Ledger - by Post Date and Program" modification to include a column "Due Date"
  3. "Demographic" report modification to correct the name display "Lastname, Firstname"
  4. "Deposit Detail report by Program" modification to add the child name from the Invoice Item(s)
  5. "Family Current Balance" modification to show "Third Party" if any
  6. Update to the "Aging Invoice per Site", "Deposit Detail Report by Program", "Deposit Detail by Post Date", "Deposit Summary by Site Program", "Family Ledger by Post Date and Program", and "Monthly Revenue per Site" reports to allow with the option to search for an Invoice with a blank billing category
  7. 801A report auto-calculation for any children receiving part-time services


  1. Display update to the submitted timesheet copy to include an absent reason if any
  2. Updates to the reports under Attendance → Daily / Monthly → Report to also consider the Program filters along with other filters when querying the report


  1. Added an option to remove download records within the Dashboard → My Documents

Family Portal Component

  1. Added options under the Payment Method: Bank Account with an instant verification using online bank account credentials
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