Release Notes From 04/01/2018 Through 04/14/2018




  1. Layout update to the "Add/Edit Contact", "Add/Edit Child Physician", and "Add/Edit Child details" to match the fields placement for First Name Lastname.



  1. Bug fix to allow the negative amounts within an Invoice/Plan item
  2. Add a warning message to alert the user if the billing program category is left blank while adding/editing an Invoice item
  3. Bug fix to allow the auto apply credit, under Billing → Payment Not Applied, to a partial-paid status Invoice
  4. Billing → Send Message email display to show the sender name as Do-Not-Reply



  1. "Failed Online Payments per Site" report creation to query for all online payments that are under 'failed' status
  2. "Deposit Report by Post Date" report creation to query for all payments posted in a specific date range 


Attendance / mSign

  1. Logic update on any group updates to mark the child(ren) absent on mSign to prompt for a parents' confirmation


Family Portal Component

  1. Text display update under the user's settings 
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