Release Notes From 03/25/2018 Through 03/31/2018



  1. Corrected a printing bug for an inactive child on the 9600 form


  1. Corrected a display bug showing 'undefined' for a blank address for other contacts
  2. Removed the restriction to the Parent's CDE Need type's name as a required field
  3. Bug fix to the NOA form if a parent only has a cell phone number to display correctly
  4. 801A verify exception error to show specifically the exception as FYI for a zero family income


  1. Corrected a bug with the invoice amount calculation incorrectly if the the amount is in the thousands.
  2. Added a filter display under Billing → Invoice for searching up all Invoices or Payments attached to a third party recipient
  3. Added a display distinction on the "Payment Receipt" to show whether a payment is made online or not


  1. Added an option to let the user recalculate the individual child's attendance hours within the CDFS details


  1. Enhancement to the user's password restriction to now be with at least 8 characters and with at least 3 of the below conditions:
    1. uppercase letters
    2. lower case letters
    3. numbers
    4. symbols
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