mSign - Using the Daily Group Attendance Feature

Group Sign In/Out Process



This is the Attendance screen, which is the new "home screen" for the app, once you have signed in properly.

Group Sign In/Sign Out is a way to take attendance in a group. Tapping the orange Group button will take you to the following screen:

When selecting Group, you may change the class they would like to look at by tapping the orange "All Classes", which will take you to a drop-down menu with a list of all the classrooms, which you may select.

There are three sections to Group that can be found under the orange "All Classes" depicted at the top:
1. All
2. In
3. Out.

By default, Group will immediately take you to the In tab, but tapping either All or Out will change the sorting of children shown.


Shows alll students, regardless of whether or not they are signed in.
In Shows only the students that have been signed in.
Out Shows only the students that have been signed out.

With Group Attendance, you may do multiple sign ins and sign outs at once. This can be done by tapping the students you would like to check in or check out. When tapped, a student's bubble will be highlighted in a ring of blue. 

Alternatively, you can also use the blue "Select all" at the top right corner to select all the students in the class.

If you would like to deselect any student, simply tapping the student again will do the job. The blue ring will go away, and the student will be deselected.

When you have selected the students you would like to sign in or out, you can then go to the orange "Signature" at the bottom of the screen. This will pull up a tab from the bottom of the screen like so:


There are two sections here:
1. Attendance
2. Activities


Attendance is composed of three buttons, Sign In, Sign Out, and Absent.

Sign In  Signs in the selected student(s)
Sign Out

 Signs out the selected student(s)

Absent  Marks the selected student as absent(s)

Activities can be composed of many buttons, depending on the school. Selecting AM, for example, would mean that the students selected were present during the morning. Selecting Lunch would mean that the students selected were present during their lunch break, and so on. Activities are further explained Here.

Tapping any of the bubbles will fill them with color.

When finished, you will be required to sign your name.


Press the orange Done button.

You will be asked to enter a valid teacher PIN.

Press the orange "GO" bubble.

If camera use is authorized and enabled, smile!

The Group Attendance is now finished and you're all set!


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