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Select Site

Upon logging into mSign, you will be able to choose a site. You can select your school's site here.

Note that if there is only one site connected to your account, you will not see the Site Selection screen when you log into mSign. 

Site Selection can also be accessed in the Settings menu on the left-hand column. This is where the user can refresh the data syncing into mSign by selecting on the currently selected Site.


Class Selection

In the case that a teacher only wants to see a specific class, or in some cases, only a few classes, you can come to the settings menu, select Class Selection and tap on any of the classes that you would like to see. Selecting any classes will limit the Students list to only the students in the classroom you have selected. Note that selecting any classes will automatically turn on By Classroom in Attendance Capture.

This option is particularly useful in the case that you are using multiple iPads specialized for certain classrooms. Limiting classrooms to one classroom will also speed up data transfer.

Attendance Mode

There are three options in Attendance Mode:

1. PIN Validation
2. List With PIN
3. List Without PIN


PIN Validation Asks for a parent's PIN to sign in or sign out their child.
List With PIN Shows the student list when signing in or out and requires the parent to enter a PIN.
List Without PIN Shows the student list when signing in or out and does not require the child to enter a PIN.



Attendance Capture

Attendance capture is divided into five categories:
1. By Classroom
2. GPS
3. Camera
4. Group Attendance With PIN
5. Group Attendance Time Overwrite

By Classroom

Selecting By Classroom will limit the app to only the students in the classroom you have selected. Note that By Classroom will automatically turn on if any classes are selected in Class Selection. By Classroom selects all classes in Class Selection by default when turned on from the settings, so you may not initially be able to tell there have been any changes made in the Students list.



Selecting GPS will allow an administrator to see where a child was signed in or signed out. Having GPS on is important to assist administration members with data integrity.



Selecting Camera will allow pictures to be taken of the person signing in or signing out their child. Camera is a function of mSign that requires administrative permission to utilize. However, when turned on, this will also allow an administrator to view the picture. Having Camera on will ensure the safety of your child, and also adds confirmation which parent or guardian checked out the child. Please confirm with your administration before enabling this feature.


Group Attendance With PIN

Selecting Group Attendance With PIN will ensure that taking attendance as a group can only be authorized with a teacher's PIN. If this is not selected, anyone can sign in or sign out a group of children without a PIN. Selecting Group Attendance With PIN also ensures data integrity. If an iPad is passed between teachers, it is useful to know which teacher signed out a group of students.


Group Attendance Time Overwrite

Selecting Group Attendance Time Overwrite will allow a teacher to edit the time in which they are currently signing for a group of students. This is useful in the case that the teacher wishes to change the time in which they took attendance. For example, if an activity count was taken late, a teacher could adjust the clock to show it was counted at a previous time.


Device Info

Device Info is divided into two categories:
1. mSign Version
2. Device Info



mSign Version will display which version of mSign is currently running.

Device Info will display what device you are using and the iOS that is installed.



Tapping Help will send you to a new messaging window in which you can contact MCT Technology. Here, you can type in any questions or concerns you may have for us as well as share any feedback that you would like us to know. Tapping the X in the top right corner will take you back to the Settings page, and tapping the arrow in the top left corner will take you to a list of all conversations you have had with us.

 Note that you can still exit the messaging window and still know when you've received a response from us. A bubble will pop up, no matter where you are on mSign, and tapping it will send you straight back to the messaging window you were on.

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