mSign - Managing Child Information

You can manage a child's information by tapping the Students tab shown here:

Tapping any student's name will take you to their personal page.

Here you can see much of a student's information, including their birthday, their status, any notes about them, and tags that can be used to find a child using a key word.

The Profile page consists of three sections:
1. Contacts
2. Siblings
3. Schedule


The Contacts page shows the student's registered contacts - primary and emergency.

You can view a parent's PIN here. It is located underneath their name and will initially be shown by four black dots, but tapping the orange "eye" icon will reveal the pin. The orange arrow pointing to the right will send the PIN to another iOS device.

Underneath the PIN is a parent's phone number, in the case you need to call or message them. Tapping the orange phone icon will call the parent using their mobile number, and tapping the orange speech bubble will send them a text message. This feature is only supported on iPads with 4G capabilities.

Underneath the phone number is the parent's email. Tapping the orange envelope will allow you to send the parent an email. To use this feature, an email profile should be set up on the iPad.


The Siblings page shows the student's various siblings.

This will show the student's siblings, including their gender, status, birthday, and the classrooms they are involved in. Pressing the orange "Show" with the downwards facing arrow will give you a full list of the classes they are in.

The Schedule page shows the student's in-depth schedule.

The Schedule listing will display the class, days, and times during the week that a child should be attending a class.


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