mSign - Using the Daily Sign In/Out Pin feature

1. Entering Your PIN


To set up Individual Attendance for a parent, you must first access the Attendance screen. This is the first menu you will see after the sign in process is completed, shown below:



Tap the orange Individual button on the left. This will take you to the following screen:

Input a valid PIN associated with a child and press the orange "GO" button.

In the case you do not know or have forgotten your PIN, tap "I forgot my PIN" at the bottom of the above screen. This will take you to the following screen:


Enter a mobile phone number associated with a child in the box and press the orange "Re-send my PIN" button. You will receive a text message containing the PIN shortly. Please be aware this function will only work on iOS devices that have 4G calling and texting support.


2. Confirming Your Child's Attendance

After entering your PIN, you will be asked to confirm attendance.

The child or children should show up on the next page as following:

There are four options available:
1. Sign in
2. Sign out
3. Absent
4. Skip.

When Sign in is selected, the bubble will be filled with green. This means that you are signing in the child.

When Sign out is selected, the bubble will be filled with red. This means that you are signing out the child.

When Absent is selected, the bubble will be filled with yellow. This means that you are marking the child as absent.

When Skip is selected, the bubble will be filled with gray. This means that you are not changing or altering the child's presence in any way.


After you have confirmed the child's attendance, you must sign in the box pictured below. Your signature is proof that you have authorized picking up or dropping off the child.

In the case you have signed incorrectly or have made a mistake, you can press Clear in the upper left corner of the box in which you are signing. This will erase your signature and allow you to sign again.

3. Taking A Picture

If it is authorized and enabled, you will be required to take a picture. This is a safety measure for a child's protection that ensures that an administrator knows which parent or guardian signs out a child.

There will be a three second countdown, and a picture will be taken.

After signing, and optionally taking a picture, you will be greeted with a confirmation screen. This screen will show all changes made to children's attendance. If you do not see a child appear on this screen, you did not make any changes to their attendance.

After a brief delay, the device will return to the PIN code entry screen, for the next family!

You have successfully gone through the necessary procedures to sign in/out a child!


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